What do you think about marketing? Do you think our world is now digitally expanding due to the invent of digital techniques? Well, yes!! Earlier, we believed in traditional marketing only. But in today’s world, we require digital and traditional marketing hand in hand to reach the target audience and make our business a brand. For many businesses, reaching the right “marketing” decision is not easy, even though it can make a huge difference in their results. The fundamental aspects of traditional and digital marketing remain the same that is to expand the business by applying effective strategies and techniques.
Moving on, many people think that the value of traditional marketing has decreased but that’s not the truth. The extension of traditional techniques will never be decreased because it is as important and effective as digital marketing. No matter what marketing you believe in, every marketing stuff requires effectiveness and the perfect blend of marketing strategies to reach out to their audience.
Why do people think that digital is better than the traditional one? We are now digitally enhanced in every way be it agriculture, business, or even in studies. In essence, no business can afford to survive nowadays without the implementation of digital assets. In digital marketing today, the advertising principle and ideology are undergoing dramatic changes. With the use of computer technology, many institutions are re-writing their marketing teachings to obtain new audiences that are more educated, more knowledgeable and more tech-savvy. Today, the industry is not a particular area where goods and services are provided. The global market is much wider than before the advent of the Internet.

Let’s talk about the niche of having both in your business.

No offence to say that the role of advertisement in newspapers ads is the same as that of the advertisement done on social sites. The pattern is the same but the way is different. However, now people are spending more of their time on social sites rather than reading newspapers, therefore the technique of introducing products on social sites came into existence.

However, there are many brands who prefer traditional strategies to advertise. Bringing both the marketing forms together creates a larger space for the customers to choose over products and brands, and this also creates a relationship of trust between the brand and the consumer.

New mechanics are used for attracting more customers but that doesn't mean that the traditional systems were ineffective. It all boils down to what product needs to be marketed and where? Therefore, we can not totally rely on traditional marketing, we are supposed to trust both the marketing strategies equivalently to reach out to the customers.

Advertisements done through social media or any other digital medium include sample products and surprise giveaways that can attract new customers. It is always said that what you see remains in our memory for a long time. So is with television advertisements. Advertising your product/ brand on television helps you leave an image on audience memory.

Moreover, there are two types of marketing- Inbound and outbound marketing that revolves around social media marketing. Inbound is all about attracting customers through SEO and social media marketing, and outbound is reaching the audience through various paid and natural search advertising. The limit to reach people is different for both of them. It is important to know where to use inbound and outbound marketing.

Conventional means of advertising is probably passive, while web marketing is active and entails the target audience. Some marketing modes work better than other forms of media, so it makes sense to use both classic and internet marketing tactics and to expand the company brand across different genres.

Interactions and exposures by conventional methods are much larger than the advertising of social media. It is necessary to take the old and new ideas at the same time to reach a large audience and to be in the competition. Combining both the marketing forms together would help to create a larger customer potential and growth in the brand name and sales of the product.

Although there are pros and cons for each of the two advertising techniques. The use of various platforms in a campaign has a far larger effect than the individual medium itself. The more encounters you can take part with the consumer, the higher the proportion of making the playoffs over to your brand and/or making a purchase. Keep marketing!!