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GC Media is a venture that elevates the standards of FM radio advertising by generating great ideas to utilize radio time-bands. We advise our clients on, how each time-band will benefit them and what kind of audience can be reached in every slot. With the highest radio ads rates to performance ratio, we suggest client which slots are exemplary for their product/service & help them get the best ROI out of the slot booked with diverse opportunities.

We help our clients to create radio ads with personalized strategies, monitor its performance & optimize efforts for efficient results. Our brand is here to help you in creating a memorable listening experience with tactful radio strategies to boost your company’s profitability. The FM radio advertising cost optimisation by use of RAM data reports setting your goals for a greater ROI in FM radio advertising.

Our FM radio ads:

Jingle Commercials: We help our clients to playback catchy jingles and genres for jingles.

RJ Mentions: Based on your products, we help you with innovative ways in which RJ mentions your brand name that help in enhancing your brands.

Radio shift: We support you in driving traffic to your brand.

Sponsorship Tags: Radio advertising agencies help you sponsor various programs on radio & capture the complete essence of listenership.